What is Message Framing?

What is Message Framing?

Build Business Results (BBR) Network,Raksha Sukhia

What you say matters. How you say it matters equally. And Context is key.  The way you frame communication, or Message Framing - or as John Spacey shares, "the context and approach that is used to construct a message" - has a big impact on how it is interpreted and digested or used so it's extremely important to consider message framing when you develop your ads, communication and user interactions.  The way you frame you communications will have a massive impact on your conversion, product usage, and sales and customer service processes. 

So, how do you frame messages effectively? First Those members of our Build Business Results Network Mastermind are familiar with the Conversion Equation but now consider that within the context of persuasion. Check out the example below.  Do share with us any "frames" you are using in your marketing and sales in the Build Business Results (BBR) Network.
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Message Framing is the context and approach that is used to construct information and communications. Response to the same request often differs greatly depending on the framing of it. For example, a message that considers the needs and desires of its intended audience may generate a more positive response than a message that's demanding and insistent. A message may be framed with emotion, logic, ethics or may focus on the core motivations of a person or group. 

Victor Yocco, Philadelphia based researcher, author, and speaker. His book Design for the Mind,  provides us with this:  
  • Framing is how you say something, using a “frame of communication.”
  • Frames are story lines that make an issue relevant to a particular audience. Framing is not lying. It is putting a particular spin (a frame) on factual details.
  • Framing effects occur when a message frame alters someone’s opinion on an issue. "
Consider this message framing  example:
Insisting We must buy a dog! 

Social All the other kids at school have a dog. 

Logical read that kids with dogs get better grades at school.

Emotional This dog is so cute, how can you say no? 

Ethics She is a rescue dog, do you know how many dogs need homes? 

Anticipating Objections I promise to walk her and clean up if she makes a mess. 

Considering others needs The dog will keep you company when I go off to college.
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