Hi I'm Raksha, here is my stand:

“I believe that business success facilitates empowered lives and that entrepreneurship facilitates positive change. That is why my focus is on building a strong communities of coaches together to support and empower small business owners to achieve financial freedom whilst bringing their businesses to success. My processes and approaches are tested  and proven over thousands of small businesses."

My mission is to empower coaches to spread the success to small businesses doing great things, everywhere.

About Raksha

Raksha is a Marketing/Sales Strategist, a Digital Marketer and Business Results Consultant with a creative and  people-oriented toolkit that allows her to drive business results  leveraging new technology and media. She works one-one one with entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises that typically have limited marketing budgets  find “hidden sources of revenue”  by evaluating existing marketing and showing them how to dramatically reduce or eliminate spending while significantly increasing both response and conversion rates. She can typically double response rates but a 50 to 100 times increase isn’t out of the question.

Small business entrepreneurs often have no marketing background and often are spread thin to do more than tactical marketing marketing unfocused on small budgets, and that these efforts are often fail. To these entrepreneurs Raksha  provides needed partnership and support. She leverages her powerful and proven customizable marketing system to guide clients step by step to lay  the groundwork for strategic lead generation and conversion campaigns before guiding them  towards successful implementation. The Results are so compelling that they can be guaranteed.

Raksha’s draws on over a dozen years of practical in-house and marketing, sales and consulting experience leading strategic initiatives for Fortune 500 multinationals, startups companies as well as government. Raksha has consulted and coached with CEOs and senior executives (in both the public & private sector) around the globe including North America, Australia, Singapore, Africa, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, and Malaysia.

She has held corporate positions leading marketing departments and Innovation, business development and transformation giving her an unique position and inside into product and consumer conversion equation. Academically, Raksha holds a Master degree in Business transformation and holds many professional certifications in the areas of coaching including being a Certified Southwestern Consulting Sales Coach, a Certified Knowledge Manager/Engineer, and holds an Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing. She is a published author.

Raksha travels extensively promoting her Humanist Agenda and enjoys activities ranging from yoga to power boating and scuba diving. To support the global demand for her services and time, Raksha conducts consultations with her clients  one on one via online meetings and all of her clients are given membership to her powerful online Marketing System and  platform aimed at accelerating time to results for her clients.

If you're interested in making an additional minimum of $10,000 in your small business marketing and leads efforts book a 45 minute consultation. 

For more information visit her at www.buildbusinessresults.com, or at www.digitalentrepreneurcenter.com.

Khalid Seflan Business Origination, Dubai
Karunkaran H GM, Cairn India
Brandon Rearick Senior Broker, Caliber Home Loans
Sharon Tay Insurance and Financial Advisory
Wayne Crosbie, Commercial Venture Lead, BP Integrated Supply & Trading
Patrick Foo, CFP, ChFC Partner, Audentia Alliance
Mikael Sitepu Head of Indonesia Business

It was like having a secret weapon against all my competitors!

"I completed another powerful coaching session with Raksha … and each time I finish a coaching conversation I feel energized to move forward on all that I have on my plate. Having Raksha as a coach is like having a secret weapon against all my competitors.”

You Helped Me Overcome my Own Barriers

Thank you for providing me with a listening that helped me overcome my barriers and move forward powerfully in my career including my relationships with key stakeholders. For me a coach is someone "who makes you do things you do not want to do so that you could be who you always wanted to be" - thank you for being a great coach."

Raksha helped me with new ways to get leads and sales. 

"Raksha helped me with new way to get leads and sales. to I would not hesitate to recommend Raksha as a business coach. She has a remarkable ability to listen and you can tell she really cares about her clients. She's such a great person to have in your corner to grow your business...

More than Doubled My Income! Thank You.

I was juggling many priorities to take care of my family needs and Raksha helped me to see things clearly, create perspective, milestones and a focused plan to achieve my goals. She kept me accountable and as a result not only did I more than DOUBLE my income and win a a company award. I am sooo grateful.

Powerful Experience I would Highly Recommend

“It was a powerful experience I would recommend to anyone. Regardless of my circumstances on the day, each and every coaching session ended with me feeling challenged, energised and empowered to generate new extraordinary outcomes. I'd recommend Raksha to anyone interested in coaching - be it for personal or professional purposes.

I would highly recommend her to any CEO looking to expand business.

“Raksha’s coaching was invaluable in helping me learn to communicate and generate authentic commitment and accountability to articulate and drive forward our strategy. I would highly recommend her to any CEO looking to expand business. (translated from Mandarin).

She was able to ACTION Progress and Results.

She is very good at what she does, coach. After less than 3 coaching sessions working with our team, she is able to pin point our issues and action progress. Thanks to Raksha we have seen a vast improvement in results and overall focus.

She Transformed My Confidence and Ability to Drive Results

“When I came into the coaching with Raksha I was able to describe myself and what I wanted to create but. Now I am able to create for myself and drive the results I want to see. I would highly recommend her to any business owner wishing to move forward with turning their goals into Reality.”

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